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Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher Training Course Questions

Q: Can I start the course on the date other then Website schedule?
Yes, You can also start the course according to your convenience date

Q: Can I take short course less then 4-5 weeks?
Yes, you can take course for 1 week or 2 weeks also.

Q: What is the best time or season to start a course?
The best time to start the course is from October to April. May and June is also recomended but the weather is too hot during the summer. July and August is not advisable because it is raining season.

Q: What are the materials that I should bring for the course?
You have to bring basic needs and additional materials you can get from Rishikesh rather than you carry from your home

Q: What kind of certificate will I get upon completion of my course? Is it internationaly recognised?
Upon completion of the course, you are entitled to receive Yoga Alliance International certificate, which is recognised world wide.

Q: Where can I get the reading materials of the Yoga Course?
Reading material is available in any shops in Rishikesh

Q: How many students in a class\course?
Our class capacity is limited from 10 to 25 people.

How to reach? and Rishikesh related Questions

Q: What are the range of prices of the hotels and guest houses in Rishikesh?
The prices range from Rupees 200-1000 according to the facilities.

Q: How can I get to Rishikesh from Delhi Airport?
You can take train from Delhi to Haridwar and then Haridwar to Rishikesh by bus. You can also come by taxi from Delhi airport directly to Rishikesh with aproximately 3500 rupees.

Q: What kind of food is provided in Rishikesh?
Rishikesh is a food heaven. We have various kind of restaurant serving food internationally such as Indian, Israeli, Russian, Italian, Chines, Nepaly, Japanese food and more others.

Q: What is the main mode of transport is used in Rishikesh?
The main transport in rishikesh used is Rickshaw, car, taxi, jeep, bus or train (for long distance).

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School Related Questions

Q: Is there any option to extend my visa during my staying in India?
Yes, usually the tourists extend visa from the near by country, like Nepal

Q: In what language the class is conducted?
The class is conducted in English (some courses are translated, according to schedule).

Payment Related Questons

Q: What is a easiest way to make paymaent for registration?
You can make paymant via PayPal

Q: Should I pay in dollars or rupees?
You should pay in dollar to PayPal account minimum USD 300 $ for booking registration and pay by rupees the balance paymaent in India